Friday, June 29, 2012

Shiny Book Review loved Bleeding Hearts!

Since its debut in March 2012, BLEEDING HEARTS has been read and reviewed by many people...but certain reviews really resonated with me. A writer can tell when a reader connects to her work, especially when the reader takes such care to give a thoughtful review.

This is one of those reviews. Take a moment to read it--perhaps you, too, will find my character familiar...

Thank you, Barb, for your wonderful review of my book. Readers like you are the reason why I'm glad to share my story.

You will find several links to other great reviews on the sidebar...check 'em out a while!

And stay tuned for two new events coming up next week--not one but TWO holiday blog hops are tripping across the Demimonde. I hope there'll be fireworks!

Namaste, everyone...

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  1. Nice... I gotta re-establish the balance between editing and everything else and start joining you in the quest for reviews and on the blog hops. Everything in due time...


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