Thursday, January 10, 2013

Writers and Resolutions at the QueryTracker Blog

Resolutions. I hate 'em.

Well, maybe not hate. Strongly dislike. And not even resolutions themselves--just the idea of them.

Why? Because New Year's resolutions are stereotypically weak-willed attempts to fix glaring deficiencies within ourselves, using a calender date as our chief driving force instead of simply admitting there is something about ourselves we don't like but are too lazy to jumpstart our own change. < /end rant >

I know, I're probably thinking, Why The Frown? Resolutions are good things! And, honestly, I believe they could be--but only if we back those words up with more than intent. We only succeed when we give ourselves the tools we need to achieve success.

One tool I use to reach my goals is to form a plan. Now, I'm not a strategist. I simply accept the fact that there is no magic transporter that can take me from START to FINISH with the press of a button or the utterance of a resolution. A plan will give me direction, identify milemarkers, and remove obstacles, making that journey a do-able thing--and not some monumental roadblock that makes it easy for us to abandon our cause.

After all, I'm pretty sure the motto isn't "If at first we don't succeed, eff it."

This week, I blogged over at the QTB about my New Year's Resolution to spend more time writing. I'm still going strong, too...using the plan I set up for myself, I've sent in first pass revisions on a novel to one editor, last pass revisions to another, and finished the first draft of my latest work in progress. If I keep up like this, I'm going to be well-accomplished come next New Year's. Fingers crossed!

Are you guilty of making a New Year's Resolution? Well, I want you to follow through on it. Check out my article at QueryTracker Blog: Writers and Resolutions and maybe you'll find a little help in creating your plan to succeed at your resolutions.

Make 2013 a happy and accomplished one, everybody!


  1. The only resolution I made was to be naughtier..I think I can keep that one. LOL

    1. I have too nagging a conscience to make that kind of resolution! I wish it would keep its mouth shut once in a while... :D


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