Friday, June 14, 2013

#FastDraft and The Journey to The End of This Book

Last week, I embarked on a huge buddy write project called #FastDraft. A group of writers get together on Twitter everyday for writing sprints, encouragement, and mild tomfoolery (because we are, after all, supposed to be writing.)

The purpose? To leave off with excuses. To get rid of the distractions. To get the words written.

This opportunity could not have come at a better time: my writing goal this month is to complete the first draft of Wolf's Bane (Demimonde #3). Thanks to #FastDraft, I might just do it.

Here's an update on my progress--hopefully it will inspire other writers to get their own word counts up.

First, I must add the inimitable Liv Rancourt @LivRancourt to the #FastDraft Pack. Be sure to follow her because she is fantastic.

Second, I made my daily goal of 1200 words every day, even writing ahead some days to compensate for the days I had to go to the day job.

I also did a hard look at the book, marking out the passage of time so that the story made sense. I researched lunar phase calendars, printed-and-Post It-ed the manuscript, and evaluated the overall project. It was something that had to be done for some time and, now that I did it, I have to say--the manuscript is right where I wanted it. Maybe even in a better place. It's no longer a series of scenes and sequences and poor transitions and clumps of plot.

It's a story now.

Since I started the #FastDraft on Saturday (five days ago) I accomplished a staggering 13,700 words worth of Wolf's Bane. I even passed the 70K mark!

Best part? Life went on. I went to work. I got laundry washed and dinners made. I went to Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings and three karate classes. I got to do all my Real Life things and still got a ton of writing done.

And it wasn't just the manuscript--I also did guest posts and blog posts.

If this sounds like bragging, it's not--it's just amazing to list out everything that happened this week, thanks to the inspiration and the encouragement I received from #FastDraft. Those amazing authors are really helping me on my Journey to the End of This Book.

Since I got in nearly 2000 words today, I thought I'd take a break from the Were and the demivamps (sort of) and get my next newsletter out. This is the one I promised would have an exclusive first look at a prequel to The Books of the Demimonde. Just a little "thank you" to everyone who subscribed to my mailing list. Watch your inboxes!

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Thanks for your support...stop by Twitter and look for #FastDraft...and have a great weekend!

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