Saturday, August 3, 2013

*F*R*E*E* Kindle Short Story Collection: Blind Alleys

This weekend (until Aug 5, 2013) you can pick up BLIND ALLEYS: A Collection of Dead Ends for your Kindle.

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Keep on the lookout for the next issue in my short story series...RESET BUTTON. Starting over has never felt so final.

Right now I'm scouting the perfect location for RESET BUTTON's cover shot. Like DOORWAYS and BLIND ALLEYS, I want to feature a local image (the two previous books show images from my corner of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania). The area is full of mining towns that popped up 150 to 175 years ago, and is still chock full of remnants from that by-gone era.

The stories are ready to go...I'm just waiting until I see the shot that really pushes my button. Then, I'll finally be ready to push yours. :)

Until then, enjoy BLIND ALLEYS and have a read on me.



  1. Thanks, Ash. My Kindle is always pleased when something new gets downloaded to it. I'm happy because I haven't read any of your work as of yet, so hopefully I will rectify this very soon.
    I hope the weekend is treating you well.


    1. Thanks, Jimmy! Glad you thought about picking up a copy. Hope you enjoy it...

      Best, Ash


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