Monday, February 10, 2014

Dark World Books: Boutique Services for Authors

Today, I wanted to give the Demimonde Bump to Dark World Books. This growing company is actively seeking author clients and provide an array of literary/promotional services. If you are an author of dark or sexy (or dark AND sexy) stories, read on! You may find your books best friends below...

Dark World Books offers customized boutique services for independent and published authors of Urban/Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Steampunk, YA/NA Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Dark Erotica, Contemporary Erotica & Erotic Romance.

Having problems with your author business? Our job is to guide you through this sometimes overwhelming process and take care of manuscript edits, covers & marketing material creation, trailers and book tours. Also, you can now hire us to be your virtual personal assistants! Is your life taking too much time away from your author duties? Are you so busy writing that you don't have time to promote your novel/s? We’re the right team for you! Management of your social media accounts, marketing consultation, review/ARCs distribution are only some of the tasks we take care of by being your PAs.
Don’t wait any longer, get in touch! We hope to have the pleasure of working with you very soon!

Franny & Silvia

I first met Franny when I was promoting my first novel. She confided that she and Sil were going to be starting up boutique services for authors and I remember how excited I was for them--I got to be their first tour when I released the cover for Blood Rush (Demimonde #2) . Loved their work!
They've also handled the editing and cover art for Deliverance, a fantasy short (all proceeds benefit a young man's medical fund... please consider supporting this project!) I've done other tours, as well. Franny is very detail-oriented when it comes to tours--no missed stops, no dropped posts (I can attest to that--I'm an occasional host for DWB-- when one of my posts went live before I added an element *shame* but she caught it and righted it, much to the other author's relief).
Recently they've added author management services to their repertoire . If you have an upcoming project or just need author support, I do recommend their services and encourage you to stop by Dark World Books and have a look around!


  1. I love working with Dark World Books on the blogger side of things!

  2. Thank you, Ash, for the wonderful words!! You almost made me cry. It's true, we've known each other for a long time, and I can't wait to work with you again!!

    @Sapphyria: Awww!!! We love working with you, too!! <3

  3. Thank you!! Working with you is always a pleasure (and you're a very good host!). I had a blast creating the cover for Deliverance and I really hope I get the chance to work with you on another project soon!

    @Sapphyria: Thanks for being such a great host!

  4. Three of my most favorite ladies, right there... 💗


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