Thursday, March 20, 2014

Name a Character in AJ Krafton's Upcoming Book!

Stop by Facebook for a gift card giveaway! You'll find the post here on my AJ Krafton, New Adult spec fic author page...

To enter, do two things... one little and one big. Little thing: like the page. Big thing: name a character in my book-in-progress!

THE HEARTBEAT THIEF begins in Surrey, Victorian England. Our heroine, Senza, is a young woman who has recently come out in society.

Her best friend's family recently moved to town from Australia after her father made his fortune in the gold rush. She's spunky, mischievous, clever, and not afraid to speak her mind.

She's also nameless. You can change that!

Suggest a name for Senza's dearest friend and it may make it into the book... as well as score you an Amazon gift card.

Remember  to visit AJ Krafton's page on Facebook to leave a comment in the post and enter to win!

You'll also keep up with exciting news about my new line of books: new adult speculative fiction, dark and dangerous and my kind of delightful...

You can also find news on AJ Krafton's upcoming projects by following Twitter or stopping by the blog. You'll be among the first to see the cover for THE HEARTBEAT THIEF ... Coming soon!

Good luck...and be creative!

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