Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wolf's Bane Wrap-Ups and Winners!

Has it already been a month?

The moon is slowly waning gibbous, like a pounding heartbeat slowing after a chase. We catch our breath, watch the sky, and count the days until we run again.

I spent the morning sending emails and packaging prizes... we had TWO gift pack winners, thanks to your devotion to all things Rafflecopter :) You can check the widgets here and in this post here to see if your name came up.

There is also a copy of WOLF'S BANE going out to a reader in Portugal, thanks to the Goodreads giveaway. (Amazingly, it was a Portuguese reader who won BLEEDING HEARTS at Goodreads... she was also an avid reviewer and YouTuber who became one of my long-time supporters. See Ner's website to check out her reviews of Bleeding Hearts, Blood Rush, and Wolf's Bane) Portugal is high up on my list of Places I Must Visit because it's full of people who are passionate about books!

As promised, another Demimonde Companion story is up on can read The Horus Bird, which is a deleted scene from WOLF'S BANE (Demimonde #3). Spoiler alert if you haven't finished BLOOD RUSH yet...

If you are still in the mood for a giveaway, check out this post on the Beach Reads giveaway... you can still get really lucky!

Thanks for hanging out with me on the release tour for my latest book... bless you all and Happy Reading!

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  1. Without having facebook or twitter iknew my chances were limited Still congrats to the lucky winners


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