Saturday, November 15, 2014

Secret Santa's Indie Book Giveaway!

How would you like to win books for Christmas?

Current contributing authors and titles supporting the #indiebooksbeseen giveaway

DB Nielsen – SEED: Keepers of Genesis I
Mark Shaw – The Keeper of the Wind
J.C. Brennan – A Fine Line
Kylie Kaemke – Heavy Hearts
Robert A Palmer – Relyk
C.L. Schneider – The Crown of Stones
K.S. Marsden – The Shadow Rises
L.A. Starkey – Deceived
K.K. Allen – The Summer Solstice: Enchanted
LISA – The Elemental
Kevin Moore – The Golden Merra volume 1
Wanda Smith – Summer Winds
Jacci Turner – Bending Willow
Renee N. Meland – The Extraction List
Heather Day Gilbert – Miranda Warning
Jonathan M.Dixit – BabyWorld
Christina L.Rozelle – The Treemakers
Taylor Ann Bunker – Witch In The Woods
Donald Wilson II – Cross Roads
Rose Montague – Jade
Colleen Gareau – Sam(uel) and My Mother’s Summer Vacations
Mika Jolie – The Scale (Martha’s Way Series)
C.K. Dawn – Cloak of Shadows
Wesley Morrison – Let No False Angels
D.M. Cain – A Chronicle of Chaos
Suzanne McKenna Link – Saving Toby
Ash Krafton – Bleeding Hearts
Peggy M. McAloon – Elle Burton and the Secret Portals
Ksenia Anske – Irkadura
Dylan J. Morgan – The Dead Lands
Kristen Mott – Odie the Stray Kitten
A.S. Washington & De’Quan Foster’s – The Twelve
Adam Dreece – The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf (Book 1)
Lori Crane – Oaktibbee Creek
Lori Lesko – Copyright
Johanna Harness – Spillworthy
J.S. Snow – Redemption
Mikey Campling – Trespass The Darkeningstone
M.J. Fahy – The Magpie King
Neil Winnington – Religious Pursuit
C.J. Morrow – The Finder
Danielle Prophet – The Opposite Of Gravity
Robin MartinDuttmann – Zoo to the Moon
Rochelle Campbell – Fury From Hell
Christina McMullen – Going Green
Paul David Chambers – Manners Cost Everything
Clara Grace Walker – Gratification, Gossip and Redemption
W.M. Calloway – The Xenton Chronicles
Christie Heron – Unrequited
Josephine O’Brien – Shared Skies
Mark Victor Young – Once Were Friends
Patrena Miller – She’s Not Worthy and The Road
M.E. Walker – The Finding
HJ Lawson – War Kids
Elizabeth Guizzetti – Other Systems
Jo Bissell – Beyond the Reach of Judgement
Suzette Brown – Alzheimer’s Through My Mothers Eyes
Kirby Howell – Autumn In The City Of Angels
Michelle A.Picarella – Livian
Jessica Keller – Saving Yesterday
Elena Sandovici – Dogs With Bagels
K. M. Herkes – Controlled Descent
A.T. Russell – Sacred Puppies
David P Perlmutter – Wrong Place Wrong Time
Jennifer Gibson – Sway, Compass and Destiny
Kory M. Shrum – Dying for a Living and Dying by the Hour

With more to come...
For my Secret Santa book, I'm going to put a copy of BLEEDING HEARTS (Demimonde #1) in somebody's stocking...
Just check out the other prizes...and wait 'til you see how easy it is to enter... 

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Good luck, everyone!

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  1. its only for USA, Canada and UK but i'm sure you will make someone really happy being her secret santa^^

    i will make sure to pass the info those those i know and can enter^^

    thank you for your generosity


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