Monday, June 20, 2016

THE HEARTBEAT THIEF: only 99 cents for a limited time!

"There was something smart, ominous, and romantic about this strange story..." Amazon reviewer

This month, we're celebrating the Forever Girl's book birthday.  Because of readers like you, Senza Fyne has found a new kind of immortality--living in the hearts of readers who fell in love with her story. (Thank you for all your support!)

If you haven't yet read the story that one reviewer has called "a beautiful love story stretching through time, filled with captivating characters and prose", you can get it at a great price today...

THE HEARTBEAT THIEF will be on sale for 99 cents until June 26th at a ton of ebook retailers...find it at your favorite!
Here's a few...
I want to thank the authors who are helping me to spread the news this week. They're hosting a few guest posts in a mini blog tour, so be sure to visit them, check out their blogs, and see what worlds they've been creating! Lots of books to love in this universe...and my friends write some of my favorite books.
From YA to adult, poetry to novels, and every shade of speculative's a blogroll of truly generous authors!
AF Stewart:
Andy Peloquin:
Clarissa Johal:
Debbie Christiana:
John Linwood Grant:
Katie French:
Leandra Wallace:
Marsha A. Moore:
Nicole Ciacchella:
RobRoy McCandless:

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