Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ash Krafton's new Review Zoo: For readers that are wild about books

When it comes to publishing, every indie author will agree that it's a total zoo out there.

In an age where millions of new books are published every year, an indie author has to work harder than ever to get noticed. We don't have massive publishing houses behind us, or sprawling PR teams, or worldwide celebrity.

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Can you rattle another reader's cage?
That doesn't mean an indie author stands alone. We have a very special team standing with us—our readers.

Our readers inspire us to hang tough when the going gets rough. Our readers encourage us to keep writing new tales. Our readers make homes within their hearts for our books. Writing may be a solitary effort, but our readers help make writing a community event.

After all, to ruin a quote by the Bard: What books are books if readers be not by?

The Review Zoo

Reviews are so important to a writer's success. Here's why:

·       Reviews provide a book with "social proof". They show prospective readers that other readers read the book and were engaged enough to share their thoughts.

·       Reviews allow authors to promote their work through certain ads and email services, which often require a certain number of reviews. A book with few reviews is pretty much an unknown book and those promo companies won't take a chance on sharing it.

·       Reviews let an author know what they are doing right—or wrong.

Over the years, I have been blessed by the special support many readers have shown for my work by leaving a review. Some have been so eloquently written that I was truly, deeply moved by the words. Some have been quick, short, sweet, and perfect in their brevity. Some have let me know that a book missed the mark for them. But they all made such a difference in what I write today.

That's why I'm recruiting for the Review Zoo. Readers who put effort into leaving reviews deserve special treatment because of the tremendous service they provide. I'd love a way to be able to make it easy to get books to readers like these.

So if you're a reader who loves to talk about books and is willing to leave reviews for them, I want you to join my Zoo.

·       If you join my Review Zoo, you'll get a free digital copy (Kindle or PDF) of each new release.

·       You must post your review to Amazon within one week of the release, but readers who post their review to Amazon within twenty-four hours of release will be pooled into a drawing for a 100$ gift card.

·       Older books need love and reviews, too. If you post a new review for any book on my backlist, you'll be eligible to win a gift card in one of my regularly-scheduled Catch-Up Contests.

·       The Zoo will always get first crack at the swag. (If you've been with me a while, you know I love the swag…remember the Turn of the Wheel concert shirts I did for WOLF'S BANE?)

Are you with us? Simply fill out this form with your contact info and answer a few easy questions. You'll also be asked to provide the link to a review you've already left on Amazon, so pick your favorite.

If you are unable to fill out the form, then email me at ashkrafton (at) Hotmail (dot) com with the following: Name, address, digital format preference, and a link to one of your previous reviews.

Don't forget to tell me which of my books you've read and which one you're still dying to read.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Let's rattle some cages and talk some books!

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