Monday, October 3, 2016

Falling for Romance Giveaway!

Octobers are busy months for many great giveaway and blog hops going on.

I'm participating in quite a few over the next few weeks, so I'll be sharing them with you. Lots of chances to win Amazon Gift Cards, fabulous books, Halloween swag...can't even name them all.

Let's get started with one for ROMANCE lovers. (And this one is super simple entry, loads of prizes!) How long has it been since you fell in love with a new story? Now's your chance to meet a group of new authors and see what kind of romance they're brewing.

Good luck, everyone...hope you find a new book to fall in love with when you meet these wonderful authors!

Fall has arrived!

Enter to win $1100 in Amazon Gift Cards!

One simple entry will subscribe you to 58 Romance Author Newsletters.

Unsubscribe any time, but please don't label us as spam. Better still, stick around and get to know us.

Participating Authors:

Abbie Roads | Alexa Brookes | Alexis Noelle | Allie Cooke | Amy L Gale | Amy Lamont | Anne Stone | Asa Marie Bradley | Ash Krafton | Brandy Dorsch | C.E. Wilson | Christa Cervone | Christine Ardigo | Demelza Carlton | Eden Ashe | Elianne Adams | Em Petrova | Emma Nichols | Erin Cawood | Heather C. Myers | JB Duvane | Jennifer L. Allen | Jessica Linden | Joanna Mazurkiewicz | Joanne Dannon | Jordan Ford | Kellie Mc Allen | Kelly Moore | KN Lee | Laxmi Hariharan | Lena Bourne | Lena Mae Hill | Linda Joyce | Lindsay Cross | Liz Gavin | Lola Jamieson | Mary Abshire | Mary Jane | Melissa Pearl | Melissa Storm | Monica Corwin | N.W. Moors | Noelle Greene | Piper Rayne | Robyn Roze | Seven Steps | Skye Jordan | Susanne Bellamy | Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Talina Perkins | Teagan Kade | Tiffani Lynn | Tina Moss | Tracey Pedersen | Tracy A. Ball | Tracy Ellen | Victoria Pinder

Enter to win here:

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