Monday, September 24, 2012

On The QueryTracker Blog: Write Tighter, Write Smarter

I'm a homeschooled writer--someone who picked up the pen as a hobby and decided to put serious dedication into writing stories worth reading. It was one thing to write for myself--but another thing altogether to risk letting the cruel, cruel world peek into my notebooks where lay bare the strands of my soul. (Ok, a little melodrama there--but you know what I mean.)

Along my journey to better craft, I picked up loads of tips on how to improve the mechanics of my writing. Without realizing it, I began to write smarter because I wrote tighter. Of course, I was learning as I went--and applied most of my new skills through editing.

Editing is a technique that should always be done in layers--sentence, paragraph, scene, and story. You can tighten your writing at each of these layers, resulting in better craft and a better story....

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QueryTracker Blog: Write Tighter, Write Smarter:


  1. Discovered your work through the write tighter post on query tracker. It was well crafted and very useful. Thought I would let you know out here. Sharing it with my friends.

  2. Thank you very much for letting me know--I am grateful you stopped by and honored you will share it!


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