Friday, December 21, 2012

Darkest Sins: GraveTells Readers Choice Awards 2012!

Thank you to the Darkest Sins Blog for promoting the GraveTells Readers Choice Awards--Bleeding Hearts received two nominations!

I'd really love if you'd stop by the polls, too. This past year was a dream come true when I was blessed to see my debut novel published. My publisher, Pink Narcissus Press, is an amazing team of artists and editors who do everything possible to make me feel like the only author on the planet. :D

Your vote means the world to me...hope I can count on you once more, Demimonde!

You can see the Darkest Sins link below to find direct links to the polls. Check out the direct link to to see all the other categories. Thank you for your help!

Voting ends December 28.

Darkest Sins: GraveTells Readers Choice Awards 2012!: It's time to vote!


  1. My (and Darkest Sins, of course) pleasure, Ash! :)
    And fingers crossed!!

  2. I've been busy doing holiday stuff but I just voted :) Hope your holidays are great!!


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