Monday, December 10, 2012 Readers Choice Awards 2012

Today I read some news that will put a permanent spin on Monday mornings forever:

Bleeding Hearts: Book One of the Demimonde has earned two nominations in the annual Readers Choice Awards!

I can't express how thrilled I am. This year saw the debut of my first novel, an urban fantasy that has long been my magnum opus. It went from a secretive hobby to a craft-developing project to a published novel. Publishing with Pink Narcissus Press has been a dream come true because, not only did I get to see my work in print but I also gained a new family. My editors love that book as much as I do and the proof is the enthusiasm with which they've worked to get that book into print.

The readers' reactions on Goodreads have also been so exciting to read. Sometimes I sit back and scratch my head and think: Wow, is that my book they're talking about?

Voting will begin on December 21st and, if the world doesn't end, I'll post the link. :)

For now, take a look at these beautiful badges. I want to hug them.

I also want to hug DavinciKittie and Molly over at for their support of Bleeding Hearts (Demimonde #1). You gals have always made me feel like a champion. Hugs!
Please take time to vote when the poll goes live on December 21st. My deepest thanks go out to each of you. Cheers!


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