Monday, February 4, 2013

Liebster Award Nominations!

Paul D. Dail nominated the Demimonde for the Liebster Award. Thank you, Paul! His post can be found here...while you are there, have a look around. Great blog! 

This is my first nomination for a Liebster. Never knew what went into wearing a Liebster badge until now, so I thought I'd share the rules.
Here are the requirements:

- 11 random facts about me and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me (obviously notifying said person about this post).

- Nominate 11 other people and come up with 11 new questions. Can’t nominate the person who nominated me.

- Paste the award picture on the blog.

Yay! Another shiny thing for my blog!

How I am defining myself today:

1- I am a Whosian. I go all the way back to Doctor number 4 and I'm really sad when I think about how number 9 said he wouldn't be in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary show. (You can see my brandy-new Pintrest page for my Who stuff.)

2- Speaking of Doctor Who, my favorite video is here . I can watch this over and over. ARE YOU DISRESPECTIN' THE HOUSE OF COOPER!

3-I love talking in different accents. Makes answering the phone at work really interesting sometimes. Lately, I've been using various UK accents. Totally the Doctor's fault.

4- I know how to roller skate. Might come as a shock to you who probably think I'm just on my arse in front of the computer all day. Psyche!

5- My kids know more about computers than I do. I take comfort in knowing I can read an analog clock and I say thing like "half past" and "quarter 'til".

6- I like to eat chocolate pudding and whipped cream stuff all mixed up together. If one is on top of the other, it's too much. *yech* Blend it or forget it.

7- I know the internal body temperature of a Tauntaun.

8- I like writing in pen but editing in pixels. Writing in pixels makes the backspace button so tempting to go backwards instead of forwards.

9- I am a cat person who lives with a dog. Sometimes I call my German Shepherd "kitty". Drives my husband batty.

10- I only watch the first two Harry Potter movies because they have MY Albus in them. I had a crush on Richard Harris since I was a frosh in high school and I still mourn the man. That's why I bought a copy of the Elder Wand when I went to Universal Studios. (I teared up a little, too, when I saw it. My Albus!)

11- My second book's release is coming up and I really could use your support. Pop on over to this blog post so that you can see how you can win glorious prizes when you add my Demimonde books to your Goodreads shelf.

Here are Paul's questions for me:

1- What was one of the first books to have a profound effect on you (interpret as you will)?

The Silver Crown by Robert C. O’Brien.

There were a lot of words I didn't understand--and a bunch I couldn't pronounce--but, thirty years later, I still think about that damn book. In fact, I just reviewed it on Goodreads because you made me think of it. Thanks a bunch, Paul, for taking me all the way back to that book.

2- More peanut butter or more jelly on your sandwich?

Peanut butter. Even though I made my own jelly, I hate when it globs over the edges. And, while we are talking about peanut butter, it has to be the good kind. Usually Jif or Skippy. Occasionally, it's Planters. But never, ever Peter Pan. *shudder*

3- What’s one of the scariest things you’ve done?

Volunteering to be the first one to attempt a ropes course when I was on a Girl Scout camping trip. It took every ounce of nerve to do that because I was totally a chicken about everything. I was 14 at the time…and sometimes I still draw on that courage to do things I find almost too challenging to attempt.

4- What’s one of the stupidest things you’ve done?

Took my brother's stick shift pickup and drove it up the side of a mountain because I wanted to show off. Had no idea what I was gonna do when I got to the top. Kind of like ninety seconds of NO GOING BACK NOW. Worst was I had to look like I knew what I was doing the whole time so my friends wouldn't call me out.

5- What’s your first choice: beer, wine, hard liquor, soda, other?

Tea. A good Darjeeling, preferably a spring first flush. It should be mellow, with a hint of fruity notes, a taste that lingers on the tongue after you swallow it.

6- For #5, your favorite brand/style/cocktail?

Red Cat wine. Or Boon's Farm. Ha ha…they bring out the silly drunk in me.

7- If you could live anywhere for a year (money and/or reality are no object), where would it be?

Disney World, probably the top floor of the Beach Club resort. I LOVE THAT PLACE!

8- Who is one person who has been a big inspiration to you?

Cristina Scabbia, the female singer of Lacuna Coil. Their music takes me to the place I need to be when writing the emotional dark stuff.

9- If you were given the choice between losing your sight or your hearing, which would it be?

EASY. I'd rather lose my sight. I'd learn to adapt to a sightless world as I've been lucky to know some very inspirational sightless people. Also, I've thought about this for years since my optometrist found a weird freckle on one of my retinas. Might want to be cancer one day. I'd be ok if I lose my sight. I can use JAWS software to use the computer (and I'd get a Braille keyboard. The blinking cursor is the shiznit!

If I became deaf, however, I don't know how I'd manage. A life without hearing music or voices…I can't even consider it. What a terrible, lonely place to be...alone inside my head.

10- Speaking of hearing, who is one of your favorite bands or musicians?

Why, I'm glad you asked. Rush, because I heart Geddy Lee; Blind Guardian, because Hansi crushes EVERYTHING; and Lacuna Coil, who I'm going to actually meet this Friday. WOOTS for meet and greet passes! I am taping my mouth shut so I don't make an ass of myself in front of my muses. J

11- Have you ever done karaoke?

Did back-up for my brother once. Thought it was goofy. Although I sing all the time, I'd never do it on a stage.

Here are my nominees.  Some are blogs I follow, some are blogs who have been gracious enough to host me, and some are bloggers who stopped by the Demimonde for a guest post. At any rate, these are some of my favorite blogs.

Take up the gauntlet if you will!

7- Nikki: Nikki's Book Blog

And here's what I want to know, nominees!

1- What is your favorite line from a movie? (Include stage direction if necessary.

2- Name a guilty pleasure that you'd be too embarrassed to admit to someone in person--but here in the anonymity of the Internet, you're cool talking about it.

3- What does unicorn blood look like?

4- Have you ever pretended to be someone else to get out of talking to person?

5- If you could have any one book in the world--no matter how old, how rare, how bizarre--what would it be?

6- Do you have an illogical fear?

7- What is your favorite color?

8- What's the farthest you've ever been from home?

9- Do you believe in ghosts?

10- Who is your favorite villain?

11- What is the most helpful writer's blog you read?

Okay, class…That's all for today. You have your assignments. Good luck! I'm really looking forward to reading your blogs. I'm hoping someone has a thing for Doctor Who…

Enjoy your shiny Liebster badges!


  1. I love your questions. And your answers to my questions. And just your own 11 random facts, for that matter. I still haven't joined the Doctor Who brigade, but it's on my instant queue, so I'm sure I'll get there.

    As to another of your facts (and linking back to one of my own), when I was in the horrid world of telemarketing, I would often use a different accent depending on which part of the country I was calling. I was like the American version of an Indian call center.

    In retrospect, I'm sure my question about sight or hearing is insensitive, but it's something I've often wondered. I love music, too (and even Rush :), but I'm not sure it's an easy decision for me.

    Anyway, great responses. I could respond to almost all of them (of course, brevity is not my strong suit), but I'll quit for now. Thanks for playing. Hope you have a good week.


  2. Thank you for the nomination!
    ~nette :D

  3. Thank you for the nomination!
    ~nette :D


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