Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Ebooks FREE in all formats!

As a writer, I admit that there's been many times when I sat at the keyboard, waiting for the words to arrive. And they didn't.

I've checked and re-checked my email, waiting to hear back from agents and editors to send me heaps of acceptances. And they didn't.

I've sprawled in bed, staring at a dark ceiling, searching the corners of my brain for ideas, waiting for the muses to whisper their secrets to me. And they didn't.

Thankfully, this is not one of those days weeks months. :)

So much going on...working on pre-launch activities for BLOOD RUSH (Demimonde #2) including a huge GOODREADS contest...lookee here! I also heard from my lord editor Rose Mambert of Pink Narcissus Press, who let me know my ARCs are on the way. Huzzah! It'll be red pen time soon...

Final edits are underway on a longish short story about soldiers and wizards and gods. (Potent combination.)  I'm thinking about using KDP for this one so that means I'll be formatting and getting a cover done--I've discussed the possibility with Silvia from Dark World Books already. I love her designs...and you will, too.

Best of all, a new story is cooking up in my brain--and on paper. It's a haunting tale of life and death and time as seen by the gods. I'm really excited about this story and am very eager to get to work on it.

All this wonderful going on--so much that I'm unsure what to do first. So, I'll do what I always do when I can't decide...


You can pick up my short story collections for FREE on Smashwords. They are available in all ebook formats so download your choice!

These are my short story collections...a third, RESET BUTTON, is in the works. (More stuff on the TO-DO list)
They are regularly priced at $2.99 each but you can get them for FREE right now!
And, if you are the GOODREADS type, I'd love it if you added them to your bookshelf and dropped a few stars for me. (See DOORWAYS and BLIND ALLEYS)
I'm always eager to see your thoughts and I check GR as ferociously as I check my email these days...
Enjoy and can't wait to get the new stuff out there.


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