Friday, December 20, 2013

Cover Reveal! WOLF'S BANE (Demimonde #3)

The cover to the third book in the Demimonde series..

WOLF'S BANE (Demimonde #3) by Ash Krafton
Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, all you can do is try to avoid paper cuts.

Since becoming oracle to the demivampire two years ago, advice columnist Sophie has battled werewolves and survived a vampire attack (or two). However, not only was she powerless to save her lover Marek when he slipped to the brink of evolution, she also witnessed his transformation into a falcon, the symbol of Horus United.

Sophie’s quest to save Marek is further complicated when rock star Dierk Adeluf – who also happens to be the king of the Werekind – invites her backstage after a concert. Just when it seems she will find respite from heartache, Sophie is bitten by a werewolf and Dierk decides she is destined to be his queen.

Sophie is caught between the demivamps she loves and the Were who commands her to love him. Throw in his jealous wanna-be girlfriend—a true bitch if ever there was one—and an ambush by witches, and there you have the big mess that Sophie calls her life. And, hello? Her soul mate is still a bird.

She’s supposed to be the girl with all the answers, but Sophie needs more than a little advice--she needs divine intervention.
Forthcoming Spring 2014 via Pink Narcissus Press

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  1. Wow! I really love this cover! This is my favorite so far :) The blurb has me very excited to read this one!! Spring is sooooo far away! Congrats on the great cover!


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