Monday, May 4, 2015

Pre-order THE HEARTBEAT THIEF and get a signed poster from AJ Krafton!

When my husband rolled his eyes at the mailbox, I knew it could only mean one thing: my swag order came in!

I *do* love book swag... bookmarks, posters, magnets, postcards... you name it, I swag it. :)

This particular shipment had me very excited, because it's a special gift for my readers who are grabbing their copy of THE HEARTBEAT THIEF while it's on preorder.

From the moment I saw it, I was in love with this book cover--almost as much in love as I am with the story :) If this cover steals your heart the way it stole mine, don't despair...this love doesn't have to go unrequited.
THE HEARTBEAT THIEF comes out on Kindle on June 12, 2015 and if you pre-order it, you'll get it for the special price of 99 cents. This price will only be active for the first two days it's on sale so pre-ordering will lock in this lush deal. (But it won't last forever... after the first two days, the book goes back to 3.99...still a pretty great price but, let's face it. Not as great as 99c.)

And here's a goodie just for you, my lovelies! Not only will you get my Poe-inspired novel for an amazing deal, I will also send a signed poster to the first 100 people who pre-order the book.

I also found the sweetest cameos, perfect for velvet ribbon bookmarks. (You can see them in the upper-right corner of the photo.) I have a feeling those beauties will be making their way into random envelopes, as well.

(What's that noise I hear? Oh, it's just the sound of my husband rolling his eyes again. He just doesn't get it, does he?)

Just send your pre-order receipts to ashkrafton @ and I'll get your thank you gift in the mail to you.
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And as always, happy reading!

Cheers, Ash

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