Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Heartbeat Thief: Happy Dances and Swag For All!

The Heartbeat Thief is coming out on June 12...that's only 15 days away.   And last night, for the first time, the book hit the Top 100 lists on Amazon.

It's officially a BEST SELLER!

Today, I'm celebrating. That means, party favors!

I want to thank everyone who has pre-ordered their copy already... remember you can get a signed poster from me when you email me the deets (for more on that giveaway, see THIS POST)

But today, I'm feeling super inspired. I've been at the swag all morning.

I'll be slipping cameos into random mailers for the people who request their poster. Want one? You know what to do... pre-order your copy and drop me a line. One of these beats can be yours!

I'm also working on gorgeous black lace chokers for the blog tour giveaway... stay tuned for more about the upcoming release tour.

So keep those emails coming so I can get your poster and swag to you... and thank you so much for giving THE HEARTBEAT THIEF a chance to become an Amazon BESTSELLER!


  1. Congratulations!!!!

    and the black lace chockers are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Miki! Hope you enter one if the upcoming giveaways. My husband can mail your prize when he is in Belgium in July ❤ cheap postage! lol

    2. oh he is coming here?! that's so great!

    3. He is going to Heitz in July. You can help me put together a shopping list for him. 😊

  2. hio sorry to answer so late computer crashed

    i will send you an email right away


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