Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Release by Christine Karper-Smith: UNCHARTED COURSE #rockstar #romance

I'm so glad to be able to share this next book with you...I first "met" author Christine Karper-Smith over at, where we were both deep in the trenches for years. It's a special thing to celebrate a new book release, especially when you've been a part of that book's path to publication. Each of my QT buddies' book releases is a shared celebration for me!

And, hello? Rock star romance? You KNOW I was born to love this story :) Hope you will, too. Enjoy!

Josh Evans: How I Met My Hero
by Chris Karper-Smith

Readers and new writers believe that an author creates their characters out of thin air, somewhere in the right side of their brain. However, they actually meet them as they stroll through the newly written chapters. My characters slowly introduce their selves as I wrote Uncharted Course.

I first met Josh Evans, my male lead character in mid-2010. He was a one-dimensional rock star, who was a flirt, but respected women. He introduced himself to me by way of a memory of when I met a television star while working in radio. The star asked me to lunch, but I had to say no because I had another two hours to my shift.  Following the old rule of write what you know, I got to meet a new literary friend.

The first thing I did to bring him to life was to find out what he looked like. He had to be someone Corrie could love.  He started out as a six-foot, brown haired Brit with green eyes.  However, after a couple of revisions, his eye color changed to blue.  That lasted one edit.  His true eye color came through in the final revision – blue-grey.

He and I agreed that he would have the typical missing h when he spoke. But since he lived in the US, it was a trait that waivered depending on how long it had been since he visited England.

To the new writer, these things sound absurd and remain steadfast that they are the creator of the world in which their characters live, along with those who live there. But it’s when the writer listens to their character, they become someone people want to read about. Listen to how character A speaks to character B. Watch how character B reacts to character A. If the reaction or response isn’t natural or true, then the writer must listen harder to see who needs to change.

If the relationship between the character and writer continues after the final draft, the writer has listened to their them. For example, Josh and my relationship continues. I know what happens after the final sentence. I’ve envisioned it and considering adding it. But part of the art of writing is also knowing when to stop listening to the characters in one book and start paying attention to the characters in the new book.

Josh and Corrie’s story is told by her, as she reminisces about their relationship, in order to write a speech for his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction. She discovers nothing she writes can compare to the love songs he wrote for her over their years together. Each attempt fails, so she looks for inspiration outside of his office. Instead of writing, her thoughts take her back through their life together.

British rock legend, Josh Evans, and his group, Evantually, enter her life when they arrive at the radio station where she works as a producer. The hour she spends with them isn’t enough for her after looking into his eyes. She doesn’t hesitate to say yes when he asks her to go out with him that night.
Their relationship endures long-distance, groupies and months apart while his band is on tour, along with the peaks and valleys all couples face. But can these memories lead to a speech worthy of Josh?

Uncharted Course is now available on Amazon

The August day was like any other day Corrie had been called in to work an extra shift at the radio station until British rock legend Josh Evans and his band came in to be interviewed. Her life changes when they go on a date that night, but she doesn't foresee what is ahead of her - exes, groupies, tours, and marriage - all the things she remembers, as she attempts to write a speech for his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction...

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