Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Here's another spotlight on one of the SPELLBOUND authors.
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THE FOX, by Gaja K. Kos and Boris Kos

The Fox by Gaja J. Kos & Boris KosMaer Lakrius feels content and secure in his role of a second-born child in the royal household until the battlefield of Vanas rips his reality apart.

Helpless to prevent his older brother's death, Maer returns to the kingdom defeated, and must face not only the weight of his loss, but the burden of becoming Emberya's Crown Prince. A burden, made even worse by the changes in the world Maer believes only he can see.

Unknowingly, the young prince's fate becomes entwined with that of a woman—an 18-year-old mercenary with a past she would rather forget, and struggles eerily similar to Maer's own.

But with the continent and their different lives lying between them, will the Winds succeed in bringing the two individuals together or will the ethereal, dark tendrils of the world destroy them first?

Enjoy this excerpt...

There was nothing but the light wind weaving through the branches far above his head. The heat and humidity covered him like a blanket, the bitter fact that he would pass out in this very spot, his limp body waiting for the trainers to rescue him, since he was too stubborn to sound the horn just yet, transforming from fear into something that was almost tempting.

As if acting on some odd impulse, the prince closed his eyes and drifted into a half-dazed sleep.

A different kind of rustle than that of the steady breeze caught his attention.

Maer’s eyes shot open, quickly regaining their focus.

Without dwelling on how much time he had lost, the prince gripped the bow, his finger already on the lever that would spring the mechanism to life. He leveled the weapon at the sound, his breaths perfectly silent as he aimed, and willed the last remnants of predatory sharpness into his mind.

Bushes swayed on the right edge of the clearing opposite where Maer sat, slumped against the tree. The prince exhaled, his eye aligned with the straight line his arrow formed as it waited to be released. Blood pumped in his veins, an unusual sensation, similar to adrenaline, but not precisely the same, spreading through his body—as if every single nerve suddenly came to life.

A dash of turquoise, reflecting light like the richest of silks, appeared among the greenery, and Maer’s hands trembled as the animal came into view.

About the Author:

Gaja J. Kos is an international bestselling author with the mission to breathe fragments of Slavic lore onto many, many pages of fiction.

Boris Kos is an international bestselling author and stage actor at SMG.

The Kos' reside in Celje, Slovenia, with their two Chinese Crested dogs.

For more visit http://gajajkos.com

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