Monday, August 6, 2012

My So-Called Summer Vacation With Red Tash

Today I am guest posting at Red Tash Books.

She asked me what I did this summer. The real question should have been: What did I NOT do?

Back in May, I had my entire summer plotted out. I compiled a beautiful to-do list that had me on track to have my novel-in-progress at "first draft complete" status by end of July while deftly managing Boy Scout camp, Girl Scout camp, band camp. Gojo-ryu classes, a trip to Niagara Falls, crits on a friend's WIP, blog hopping in three events, laying a cement sidewalk, remembering to Frontline the dog, and keep the house free of dirty laundry. Oh, and go to work at the day job.

That list itself was a slap in the face to my so-called summer vacation. Where are the beach umbrellas, the lazy sounds of lapping waves? Not anywhere close to here.

Thankfully, the majority of the list went off without a hitch. It was the main track that failed.

Oh, well. Good to know that my distractions were all family-related. My family is enjoying their summer vacation, completely unaware of the nervous sweats I endure whenever I think about where I am on my novel WIP.

So, this morning I had some wonderful writing time to myself. Perfect chance to redeem myself, right?

Nah. I'm fooling around with Red Tash.

Enjoy my delinquency and see the post here.

Visit for more info on this saucy broad and for links to her YouTube sensational hit "In Bed With Red".

Check out the ebook The Wizard Takes A Holiday, now infestooned with tales by Ash Krafton and Claudia Lefeve.

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