Wednesday, October 2, 2013

F*R*E*E #Kindle DELIVERANCE (fantasy) Oct 1-5th

DELIVERANCE by Ash Krafton
Jor Thallon returns home a weary, grizzled veteran to find his people, the ones he spent his life protecting, have destroyed the one thing he held on to all those years: his faith.

Once a people devoted to the All-Father, the citizens of Granite Clearing have divided their God into dozens of separate aspects. His religion splintered almost beyond recognition, Thallon sets out on a pilgrimage to seek divine assistance. How can one old man change an entire religion torn asunder?

SPECIAL JAMISON EDITION: All proceeds will be donated to the Jamison Benefit Fund, established to help reduce medical costs for a young person with Crohn Syndrome.

How can your download of a free ebook help support the Jamison Benefit Fund?
Easy--if you read the book, you can review it! You don't need to write a review worthy of the NYT, either. Just a few words and your handful of stars will allow the book to rank up and become visible to the wide audience of Kindle readers.

There are billions of books out there, and it's harder than ever to get noticed. Each time you leave  simple review on Amazon, you put a spotlight on that book that never goes away. Get enough spotlights and the book may even become a recommended read--and that will help sales.

Every penny earned goes to the Jamison Benefit Fund. It's a cause that is really important to me and I thought that this book would be a good way to help another person out. My blessings can be his blessings. <3 p="">
Thank you for all your support. I hope you'll spread the word!


  1. I've just spread the word, hope it helps! This is a good story for such a very important cause. x

  2. Hope you get lots of downloads. I tweeted. :)


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