Saturday, June 14, 2014

Demimonde Book Extras on

As part of the release soirée for WOLF'S BANE, I'll be putting up some Demimonde book extras on You can follow me on Wattpad and never miss a post.

You can read one of these today... The Scent of Hope is a must-read for anyone who is Team Marek. Get a unique perspective from this brooding demivamp and see what draws him to our sassy heroine Sophie.

The next release will be The Blood Countess Chronicle, a perfect follow-up to BLOOD RUSH (Demimonde #2).

After that, you can read The Horus Bird, which is a deleted scene from WOLF'S BANE (Demimonde #3).

Watch Facebook and Twitter for announcements when the next stories go up.

In the meantime, help me countdown the final hours...the WOLF'S BANE blog tour starts tomorrow!

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