Monday, June 23, 2014

Demimonde Casting Call: Sebastian Stan for Rodrian Thurzo

In the past, I've shared my thoughts about who'd make the perfect cast for a movie based on the Demimonde series. Zooey Deschanel would nail our Sophie Galen, while Peter Steele would have been an ideal Mark Thurzo. (That dream is dead, sadly. God rest you, Pete.)

But Rodrian's pick was just a guy I'd seen in a Perry Ellis ad. Truth was, I hadn't found our Rodrian yet. Who was fit to wear the cufflinks?

Well, Team Rode, that's all about to change. I found my ideal casting for the role of Mark's smexy younger brother, Rodrian Thurzo.

Rode has been described as a college pin-up, as well as an Armani ad with a Calvin Klein ad waiting underneath. He's flirty, sultry, and full of the heat that makes his hazel demivamp eyes glow like molten copper. He's the body behind the Blood Rush and he is definitely forbidden fruit.

And the man to play him should be none other than Sebastian Stan.

Stan's even got the proper blood to do it... Romanian-born Stan is a Rodrian Thurzo waiting to happen.

My daughter and I had the chance to meet Stan at the Philadelphia Comic Con this past weekend and I can tell you, in the words of my daughter, he's absolutely precious. When Jess asked him if he'd hold her up bridal-style for the picture, he shrugged with a grin and said "Sure".

My daughter has not been the same since and probably won't walk on the earth for a few more days--not because she was in the arms of the Winter Soldier himself, but because this picture has rocketed her to Tumblr fame (she's got her priorities, you know.)

While Rodrian's been known to say "chicks are nicer to hold", I don't mind sharing that Stan's not so bad to hold, either. :) I bet he's a cuddler...just like Rode. I'd hire him in a heartbeat.

Being totally professional, of course. *waves to husband*

Enjoy the candy, girls, and keep your fingers crossed that the Demimonde film options get picked up before Stan retires from the stage!

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Have a great week... I know we will!


  1. He would make a great Rode!! I first saw him in the movie The Covenant and have loved him since. And seriously......sooooo jealous of your daughter!!!! lol

    1. That's where I first fell for him too! :) and like all the other guys!

  2. Ha that's great! All the interviews I've seen with him he seems like such a nice fun guy.

  3. i never heard about him but yes he is quite sexy and sound really accessible and kind with fans which is always a great plus.

    a little question will the story on wadpad stay for a long time? ( i'm still on the wait until TBD decide to drop the price to the regular one so no blood rush yet) i fully plan on reading teh series in order^^


    1. Yes, Miki, the stories will stay on Wattpad so you don't have to worry!


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