Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Full moon approaches...and, with it, WOLF'S BANE

A full moon... on Friday the 13th? Such propitious alignment can only mean one thing... some terrifying cosmic event is readying to manifest itself.

Or, it could be that WOLF'S BANE--the third book in the Demimonde series--will celebrate its official release on Sunday.

To spread the word about the conclusion to this urban fantasy trilogy, we'll be embarking on a month-long tour until July 15.

Just as Sophie is compelled to count each day until the full moon in this latest Book of the shall we.

Question is: when July's full moon arrives,
which of us will Turn?
Join us Sunday as we kick off the release of WOLF'S BANE (Demimonde #3). Don't forget to watch Facebook and Twitter for flash giveaways, too. (I'm heavily influenced by the push and pull of the moon, so who knows what lunacy that might occur.)
So, sit back, breathe deeply, and once we're safely through Friday's full moon, we'll journey onto the next one together. Just remember...
The sky turns, the wheel turns, and eventually, we turn with it.

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