Monday, April 9, 2012

Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour: Final Week!

What a long, strange trip it's been. =) And I loved every minute of it!

I can't believe this is the last week. I've been eating, sleeping, breathing blogs for nearly two months—which is a definite change from my writing habits. Before my tour, I blogged whenever I had news or a blog hop or a need to write something that would have no other home. This past month has been a total one-eighty from all that.

I think the most interesting thing I've learned from touring is not about me but about the job dedicated book bloggers do. I've met so many interesting and devoted book bloggers whose love for books drives them to spend countless hours reading and writing about the books they love. I can see how it would be a full-time job but most fit it in around their daily responsibilities somehow. Their efforts are enviable.

Then there are the authors who give some of their precious time to blogging and reviewing—and they are the quintessential multi-taskers: day job + writing + blogging. That's the situation I found myself in these past few weeks and I gotta say: ladies, I admire your stamina. This is exhausting work! J

Even though it's been a challenge, I do not regret a single minute of it. I've made new friends, I've found new blogs to read, I've met new authors with amazing stories to tell, and I've grown as a writer.

Thank you, everyone. You made me a better person.

The line-up this week is fantastic—read on to see who my play dates are!


Niina C of For The Love Of Reading will review Bleeding Hearts and host a giveaway... Be sure to visit her at


Laurie's my host at the Reader Girls' blog Read an excerpt and see why I chose this special selection.

Carmel of the howl-worthy Rabid Reads will review Bleeding Hearts at her blog Want to become namesake to a Were from the Books of the Demimonde? Enter this special giveaway!


Friend and fellow author Tricia Schneider, host of the Shadows of Romance blog ( helps me wrap-up the tour with a look of what lies ahead in the Books of the Demimonde.

Be sure to check out thes other fantastic writers and bloggers who are so generous in their support of my first novel launch. Don't forget to enter the mini-contests on each day's blog stop and, of course,THE END-OF-TOUR GIVEAWAY!

And keep Truckin', folks... :)

Reminder: I joined Kindlegraph so that I can scribble my name on even MORE books. Hit me up anytime!

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