Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interrogated by Pink Narcissus Author Stuart Sharp...and Survived!

Meet fellow Pink Narcissus Press author Stuart Sharp when I stop by for a chat at today!

Sharp is the author of the comedic fantasy novel Court of Dreams...

Life is difficult enough when you're getting ready to head out into the real world and your relationship is falling apart at the seams. It doesn't get any easier when you fall sideways into a fantasy world populated by vicious princesses, roving nightmares, and figments of your imagination, all embroiled in the post-war politics of an expansive battle between dimensions. Join unlikely hero Thomas Greene on his comical journey through the Court of Dreams, a hidden world filled with the magic and the weirdest assortment of enemies and allies imaginable.

See Sharp's book on Goodreads!

Stop by Stu's place for a Sharp interview. Geddit? Sharp? Okay, not funny. Hey, he's the humor writer...not me.

And don't forget...still time to enter the blog tour contest!

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