Monday, April 2, 2012

Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour: Query Tracker Blog and Robin Badillo!

We're starting this week off right with a Two-Fer.

Shouldn't we start more things off with a Two Fer? Like, Starbucks would taste so much better if they handed you two cups instead of one. And what about BOGO sales? I say buy one, get TWO free. And payday? I wouldn't mind two paychecks. (Shoot, sometimes I feel like I wouldn't mind ONE. :) Always overworked and underappreciated.)

This Zen of Two-Fer has been proven long ago when they started selling awesome shoes in PAIRS. The rest is history. Let's learn from it, people.

Today's blog tour is a Super Two-Fer:

First, an interview with Carolyn Kaufman on the Query Tracker blog...

 ...then I'll share an excerpt with Robin Badillo on her smexy blog!

Carolyn is my good friend from Query Tracker. She indulges my need to ramble and allows me to vandalize the Query Tracker blog a few times a month. I love being part of the QT team because I'm really excited about helping other newbie writers find their way. After all, it was the folks at QT who helped me get to where I am today...and I believe in paying it forward. Without QueryTracker, I may never have found the means--or the courage--to get my book out on submission.

I met Robin when I won her book in a TBR contest earlier this year. Later, I saw she was one of my Triberr mates...and contacted her about a guest spot on my tour. She was absolutely wonderful! (And I LOVE her cheesey sense of humor.) My relationship with Robin is a great example of how new writers can network with others...and how they can develop new friendships, too.

Thanks to both these great ladies for being today's hosts on my tour. Please stop by the blogs and show a little comment luv!

Don't forget...enter the Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour Giveaway. Wanna get lucky? You gotta get your karma in...

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  1. I'd definitely love to get two mocha frappuccinos instead of one ... :) !!! I'm adding these two books to my wishlist ;) !!


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