Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Calling all Reader Girls!

Laurie's my host today at the Reader Girls' blog Read an excerpt and see why I chose this special selection. Anyone in the mood for a little Panic at the Demivamp Disco?

I love the Reader Girls blog because it's a family affair...being a reader mom with reader kids of my own, I can totally appreciate this kind of book blog. It's truly an all-ages event there.

My husband is a huge fantasy fiction fan so it's no wonder we ended up with book worm kids. We're also all tech geeks--my husband and daughter prefer ebooks, even though my son and I are still of the analog variety. We're all computer nerds, though, so I always love it when my kids find something to do that doesn't require a power source.

This past week, the young lad was indoctrinated into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, courtesy of my brother-in-law's family. Uncle Jamie said the kid's a natural--he's been playing video RPG's for a long time and he took to the *gasp!* pen and paper version like a duck to water. Uncle is geekly proud of him.

It's been a nightmare ever since because my son is now in AD&D withdrawal. The poor kid is only eleven. He's too young for this torture!

To help him, my husband went into his "dungeon" and brought up all his own books. I laughed when I saw the dice--I'd forgotten that I embroidered a velvet dice bag for him, maybe twenty years ago. Funny--maybe my husband hasn't played since the late eighties, but he doesn't seem to have forgotten anything.

Well, at any rate, it looks like we'll now be doing D&D night once a month with Uncle Jamie's clan. Hopefully, it'll be completely off-line...I do prefer the analog books. =) Here's to family that read together, that enjoy books together, and that walk hand-in-hand with imagination together.

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  1. I always loved D&D but sadly,l where's the time?

  2. It is sad...our lives have become a race and we're always trying to stay two steps ahead.

    Just like I encourage my kids to take time out to read, we're also going to try to take time out for occassional family gaming night. None of us get enough face time these days...we're all glued to monitors. :)

    It's time to make time.


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