Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey, Rafflecopter...Pick me a winner!

So, my kids are driving me batty today...becasuse they keep me DRIVING.

To school. From school. To band. To volleyball. To Scouts. To play practice. To home again.

And it's not always that simple because from time to time, they like to mix it up. The combinations are endless--to play practice, from play practice to the pizza shop for a slice, to band, then home.

Today, it's to the bus stop, back home because bus went early (FML), to school, then back home--and, when I turned into our lane, I got a text saying "I frgt gym clothes bring them pleeeeeeeeeeez" so it'll be back up to town.

Driving. Me. Batty.

So, between Mom-Bus runs, I popped into the blog and saw...the Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour Really Really Big Prize drawing has stopped accepting entries.

Know what that means?

It means...stay posted to find out who my big winner is! Someone is going to be very happy soon. Will it be you? Fingers, toes, eyes crossed!

I just have one request...please don't ask me to deliver it. :) I'm tired of driving.


  1. Damn kids .. I used to be the same with my mom :) !!
    OMG I can't wait for you to announce the winner Ash .. ^^ it's such an amazing prize !!

  2. Hey, lady. Been trying to reach you. Email & FB.


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