Monday, April 9, 2012

Bleeding Hearts Reviewed on For The Love of Reading!

Niina C of  For the Love of Reading reviews BLEEDING HEARTS and hosts a giveaway...enter anytime until April14th!

Niina is a vegetarian and smoke-free blogger/graphic designer/photographer, who lives with compassion and kindness... and is known to have a dirty sense of humor. ;)

She enjoys reading and reviewing paranormal romance, cowboy romance, science fiction romance, romantic suspense and historical romance of any heat level.
Stop by her gorgeous blog and read why I lost a half-star in her review—all I can say is "But I had to be true to the characters!" no matter what I might have wanted. *grin* I loved Niina's reaction to my story and I hope you will, too. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway on her page!

Be sure to check out the other fantastic writers and bloggers who are so generous in their support of my first novel launch. Don't forget to enter the mini-contests on each day's blog stop and, of course,THE END-OF-TOUR GIVEAWAY!

Reminder: I joined Kindlegraph so that I can scribble my name on even MORE books. Hit me up anytime!

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  1. I just read her review and it was fabulous !! I can't wait to discover your amazing writing :)
    I don't mind if there's little romance as long as there is some .. lol.


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