Monday, May 18, 2009

Win a Website From!

Not from me, of course. I tried building my own site. My Serif program is still laying on my desk where I dropped it after giving up on it. I think I had vague designs about waiting until the summer, but that makes no sense. Me get things done while the children are home? Me, concentrate? Right. Sure. Not.

My one year anniversary of querying is approaching. How discouraging. I'd originally had dreams of landing my perfect agent in six months flat. I guess the real world has different plans for me, number one plan being WAITING. And waiting. And getting old as I wait.

The only thing that makes it a happy anniversary is the fact that I spent it on Query Tracker. I consider myself far ahead of the querying game since I began using that little gem of a website--I've improved myself in countless ways when it comes to marketing my work, plus I've met some great people. (Lots of good karma there.)

And I'm not the only one having a happy: Query Tracker is turning two years old. (Glad I'm not the oldest one in the room.) To celebrate, they are giving away a free custom-built website. Snag yours here and see why Query Tracker is quickly becoming one of the best tools for writers.

QueryTracker 2nd Anniversary Carnival
By QueryTracker 2nd Anniversary Carnival

Spread the word and win extra entries by passing this along! Read the blog for details.

And someone get cake. We can't do any of this without happy cake.