Monday, January 30, 2012

Publishers Weekly--My FIRST Review...

BLEEDING HEARTS on Publishers Weekly

This was the moment I'd been nervously anticipating: my first published review.

It's not like I'd never been critiqued before. I'd survived dozens of contest judges' feedback, some of it quite...subjective. =) That's part of the game. You can't write something and expect people to read it without forming an opinion. Even "no opinion" is an opinion.  (Stop me before I start channeling Neil Peart.)

It's an important step in putting your work out there: you are vulnerable and awaiting judgement. You open your notebook, set it on the table, and let other people tell you their opinion.

However, I survived it all because 1) I learned TREMENDOUSLY from the experience and 2) I'd made finals in a few contests, so it couldn't be all that bad but most of all 3) I knew it was going to toughen me up so that I could face this moment without blinking.

I survived my first review. My publisher and my editors and my family and friends are thrilled but I'm just quietly taking it in. It's pretty cool to be reviewed by PW, not to mention it being my first.

You never forget your first. I won't forget mine.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bloody Hearts Blog Hop

Bloody Hearts Blog Hop What better way to introduce a book about love and vampires than this aptly-named blog hop? Join me and a host of horrors in a blogfest sponsored by Vamplit Publishing for fun and prizes. I'll be giving away an ARC of Bleeding Hearts as well as a pretty, pretty shiny thing...but you need to wait to find out what it is. See you next month, my bloody little Valentines... =)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Proof Is In The Mail!

Happy New Year!

"New" being the thing right now, I'm excited to enter the newest phase of publishing--the promotion.

I returned the proof to my editors and, for the first time since I wrote the first words of Bleeding Hearts, I am done editing. I deleted, I changed, I corrected my last. It's definitely a weird feeling.

While I await word from my Lord Editor, I supposed it's time to put serious thought to promotion.

Trouble is, I never promoted a debut novel before. It's time for me to hit the virtual wish me luck!

In the meantime, I thought I'd give a shout-out to all the writers organizations I met along this wonderful journey. Over the last few years, I entered a lot of competitions. (I wrote about my experiences here and here and here.) I'd love to share a list of recognitions Bleeding Hearts has received.

Second Place, Abilene Writers Guild Summer 2007

Grand Prize, Maryland Writers' Association
2008 Novel Writing Contest

First Place, Fantasy, Maryland Writers' Association 2008 Novel Writing Contest

Third Place, Pikes Peak Writers 2009

Third Place,  Houston Writers Guild Spring 2009

Finalist, RWA Chick Lit Writers
"Get Your Stiletto In The Door" 2009

Finalist, RWA New Hampshire
"Query Quandary" 2011

Finalist, RWA Kiss of Death
"Daphne Unpublished" 2011

Finalist, RWA Northeast Ohio
"Cleveland Rocks" 2011

Finalist, RWA Heart and Scroll
"Magic Moments" 2011

Finalist, RWA Alaska "Break-Up" 2011

Finalist, Smoke City Narrators
Pitch and First Five Pages” 2011

These contests were amazing experiences because of the generous feedback I've received from the judges. They definitely steered me in the right direction early on and, as you can see, affirmed I was on the right track in 2011.

These contests were also my earliest steps in promotion, which is why I so highly recommend writers to enter writing contests whenever possible. If you didn't click on the links above, you can still go back and do it. =)

Thank you to each of these organizations for being a partner in my achievement...and Happy New Year to all.