Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey, I got an idea...

There are probably a ton of other things I should be doing instead of blogging.

I mean, the laundry cries out from the bedroom (and when laundry cries out it usually means it's on the verge of developing intelligence and making plans to attack its human oppressors.) The list of I KEEP FORGETTING TO DO THIS gets longer everyday. Not only that, I've got story that needs written. Gah! Why aren't I doing any of it?

The blogs. It's all their fault.

I don't spent a lot of time writing them but I do read them. A lot. I don't even go looking for them. I come across these great links in newsletters and (yes, I admit) other blogs and I happily trip from site to site and the next thing I know, an hour zooms by.

Give up the blogs, then, you say? Surely, you jest. I don't read blogs just for entertainment or to get publishing tips and insights or to keep up with people and authors I like. I don't read them just for research or for market leads or for upcoming events and news.

I read them for *all* those reasons. Blogs are indispensible sources of information and I can't imagine being a writer today without them.

My trouble is, I am forever coming across a stellar article. I print it out, promising to frame it or tuck it inside some binder I never got around to actually preparing to use for the task. It's a keeper, I say. Then I promptly lose it.

My solution: I'll repost my favorites here. Then they will be findable and linkable and all sorts of accessible.

Got a favorite that deserves to make the Wall of I Need To Keep This Article? (I am working on a snappier name, fear not.) Send the link and I will post. I'd also love to hear about your most favorite blogs, too. What makes them so important? Why can't you stop reading them? And what poor chores do you end up ignoring for the sake of blogging? (The chores are the real victims here.)

The inaugural article comes via link from Tara Dykens, a writer I met on Facebook and whom I've had the pleasure of "attending" online Pennwriters classes with. This being a celebratory moment, join me in toasting Tara. Kevlar and Buspar to ya, baby. Thanks for the link!

Camy Tang has a fantastic blog. She's a chick lit writer who offers inexpensive critique services for synopses and manuscripts. She also has a blog loaded with articles--perfect for a writer's toolbox.

The Deep Point of View article came up during our dialog class at