Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hear ye, hear ye! #Audiobook collection of my #Demimonde trilogy is complete!

Are you an audiobook fan? Keep reading to see how to get copies of my urban fantasy trilogy through Audiobook Boom!

Narrator Kelly Pruner and I are celebrating the completion of the Demimonde in audiobook format!

WOLF’S BANE joins BLEEDING HEARTS and BLOOD RUSH in this series about an advice columnist-turned-oracle who must save her Demivampire lover from the fate that threatens each of his race: evolution and the destruction of his soul.
Like tall, dark, and brooding heroes? Like bad vampires and rock-star werewolves? Like supernatural problems and watching a snarky, good-hearted heroine trying to muddle her way through the messes those problems fling at her?

The Demimonde series is a set of emotional, exciting, addicting reads now available on audio book…so I get to listen to WOLF’S BANE whenever I’m in the car because I LOVE THAT STORY. It’s why I wrote it 😊
To help launch the set, I’m looking for reliable audiobook reviewers to help give these titles some legs. You can sign up to receive a copy of the first book, BLEEDING HEARTS through this promo link HERE (and scroll waaaaaaay down...)

Listeners who review this book and want to hear more are also eligible to receive free promotional copies of the second and third books in the series. That way, you too can listen to WOLF'S BANE whenever you're in the car because I REALLY LOVE THAT STORY! 

This promo is open to both US and UK audiobook readers. The number of copies is limited so if you’re interested in urban fantasy audiobooks, don’t delay!

If you’ve read and enjoyed the books, I’d love it if you gave the audio versions a try. Kelly becomes my Sophie *hearts* so let her become yours, too.