Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Story of BLEEDING HEARTS: Book One of the Demimonde

Sophie Galen is saving the damned person at a time.

BLEEDING HEARTS is the story of Sophie Galen, a shy advice columnist-turned-oracle who must save her demivampire lover from the fate that threatens each of his entire race: evolution and the loss of his soul.

Sophie Galen is a bleeding heart advice columnist whose work only brings more problems. Thanks to her innate compassion, her little internal voice, and her magnetic charm, Sophie really knows how to attract little black clouds.

Marek Thurzo is no little black cloud; he's a maelstrom. Marek is Demivampire, a race with the potential to evolve into vampire. A warrior who's taken his share of spiritual damage, he hovers dangerously close to destruction. He seeks salvation. She's driven to save him. But what if he can't be saved?

He's convinced Sophie can redeem him. He's convinced she can repair the damage to his soul and prevent his evolution. He's convinced she's the Sophia Oracle, the only salvation of the Demivampire.

She's convinced he's mistaken.

She senses Marek's otherworldly power and is stunned when her Sophia power emerges. Sophie becomes a manifesting force to be reckoned with, although the job description entails more action than her comfort zone can stand (and pays way less).

Everything plummets once the Master vampire and his Fallen take an interest. Marek is driven to the edge of hope, of sanity, of evolution. Can Sophie save him from Falling?

Sophie tells a story of compassion, courage, and redemption. Besides facing the same problems many women do—the adversary at work, the risk of falling in love—she must also endure supernatural trials as she encounters Werewolf assassins and Master vampires. Sophie just considers herself well-rounded. Thank goodness for her sense of humor—without it, she’d never have survived.

BLEEDING HEARTS: Book One of the Demimonde is forthcoming with Pink Narcissus Press in March 2012.

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