Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feels good to be raisin' hell again...#amwriting

Aw, man. I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by...

Maybe it seems that way because my day-job schedule changed drastically over the last three months. I didn't think going from thirty to forty hours a week could have made such a difference but it has really chewed the edges off my free time. And I LOVE my free time, because my free time is my writing time.

It took a few weeks, but I eventually stepped up my time management skills and figured out how to make the most of each of those non-day-job hours. (Which means I'm totally in Ghost Hunters rerun withdrawal. Trigger to the chin.)

At least I have lots to show for it :) Oh, the news...

First chunk of big news...
CHARM CITY (The Demon Whisperer #1) is available for Kindle pre-order!
I uploaded the files today (after rocking out some sweet chapter header graphics last night). This book is doing amazingly well on Wattpad.com, where it's been read nearly 20,000 times! *jaw drop* All that's left to do is work out the kinks and get some starter reviews. I'm so psyched to get this series out there!

Second chunk...
The sequel, MURDER THE LIGHT (The Demon Whisperer #2) is nearing completion!
I've been using Scrivener for this project and it's really shown its superiority over Word as far as reorganization goes. Scrivener is a huge part of my time management success, especially because of the corkboard view. Although I don't have a release date yet, I know it's within reach now.

Third chunk...let's call it a triple chunk!
The Demimonde trilogy is getting a facelift!
New covers are on the way for my first urban fantasy trilogy. I'm thinking...maybe a big release event this fall. Sneak peeks will come soon through my newsletter.

Speaking of newsletter, are you signed up? If any of these happy, happy things make you happy, too, then join up (link to join the mailing list is over on the sidebar.) As we get closer, superfans will get to see everything first, as well as have the chance to grab up review copies.

Anyways, I guess after laying it out like this, it should be no surprise that the summer is just melting away. I was actually pretty productive...and my mage exorcist, Simon Alliant, has been raising all sorts of hell.

That's my boy... *grins*

Maybe I do deserve a bit of a Ghost Hunters break today...

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