Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Think there's nothing worse than becoming like your mother? Try being possessed by her spirit. #TakinItBack by @ashkrafton

USA Today Bestselling Author Ash Krafton is bringing a new twist to the old swish-and-flick...magic is all in the way you cast it in TAKIN' IT BACK, her newest urban fantasy novel!

Think there's nothing worse than becoming like your mother? Try being possessed by her spirit.

Twenty-year-old Aerie hates running collateral recovery for her father’s magical supply shop. Repossession is a nasty business, even when you’re good at it. Her dream job? The store’s new Acquisitioner…but Pop says that job’s for someone who finds things, not loses them. When a mysterious amulet must be found, Aerie sees an opportunity to prove her worth to him.

That’s when a spirit trapped inside the amulet possesses her, instead. Demonic powers are handy on a door-knock or when facing down one’s nemesis, but mages can’t use the demonic ley without becoming tainted. Worse yet, the spirit may be Aerie's difficult, dead-beat, long-gone mother.

The possession will destroy Aerie if she doesn’t get the amulet off—but the only person who can do that is the guy she repo’d it from. Mr. Probable Ulterior Motive says if she finds some crummy old book she’d lost years ago, she may discover the spirit’s true identity and prevent its damnation. Aerie must entrust her fate to a complete stranger or let the demon get what it wants—and it wants Pop dead.

Gonna be one Hell of a family reunion.

Lara Croft meets "The Magicians" in this tale of magic, adventure, and hidden truths...

Grab TAKIN’ IT BACK today for a possessing urban fantasy read that won’t let you go!


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