Sunday, October 21, 2018

Read the Magic, Wear the Magic: The #RiteToReign Authors T-Shirt Sale!

I have a confession to make: I am a sucker for collectible t-shirts.

It started when I bought my first concert shirt. I was 15 and went to see Guns N Roses open for Aerosmith on their Permanent Vacation tour. When I saw the shirt back with the cities listing the venues, and saw *my show* listed, I knew I'd keep it forever. Today, I have two big totes full of concert tees and other commemorative shirts in the closet. (And, when I went to see GNR last year, 29 years TO THE MONTH of my first concert, you know I dug out the same shirt I'd worn to the first show. That's how serious I am about t-shirts!)

That's why my author group is holding a t-shirt drive to earn ad money for our upcoming boxed set. I'm not the only one who uses their closet space as a scrapbook :)

We are trying so hard to hit the 7000 mark in book sales to be in the running for the USA Today Bestseller list. At 99c a copy, you'd think it would be a piece of cake...but the trouble lies in reaching new eyes and ears to tell about our book release. The only way to reach those new readers lies in advertising...on places like Facebook, BookBub, Amazon, and various promotional websites.

When you buy a Witch, Please tee, not only will you get a fun, snarky t-shirt--you'll also help us afford to purchase more ads. (Not to mention, you'll be promoting us every time you step out in this cute tee!) All proceeds go to the ad fund.

Why are we doing a t-shirt drive?

Making a national bestsellers list is the dream shared by every author when they release their book. Big-name authors who are published by big-name publishers often have little difficulty doing just that. That's because they have built-in audiences and huge platforms including TV spots, in-store hype-up, and all the marketing power a big-name publisher possesses.

For the indie author, who lacks all the power and resources of a big-name anything, achieving this dream can seem like an impossibility.

The Rite to Reign authors are using the power of collective work to try and break through the indie ceiling. They've joined forces to compile a collection of 24 urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels with a wickedly fun theme...royal witches! Now, these authors are joining hands and using every spell up their sleeve to make magic happen...

Now, these authors call upon the most powerful people of all...readers! We need readers who love magical stories and we need readers who love magical threads. While we are fresh out of invisibility cloaks and wizard robes, we have the next best thing: sassy witch T-shirts that are fun to look at and comfortable to wear.

What do the shirts look like?

Here's what the shirt looks's a v neck black tee with front and back printing.
Each shirt is 25$ plus shipping. 
All proceeds go towards on-line advertising of 
RITE TO REIGN: Urban Fantasy Limited Edition Boxed Set

The real question is...who wouldn't? But for those of you who like lists, here it is...

A Partial List of People Who Would Wear One of These Shirts
1) readers
2) writers
3) family
4) friends
5) complete strangers
6) semi-strange people
7) witches/warlocks/mages
8) people attending book cons, reader cons, comic cons, etc
9) people who don't enjoy being topless
10) people going into establishments where No Shirts is a hamper to customer service
11) voters
12) Pennsylvanians (that's right, I'm looking at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU)
13) People who like to say "Witch, please"
14) People who think Samantha from Bewitched is iconic
15) People who know they are going to have to listen to me go on about this until they get one so just do it, Jenny.

OK? So...are you in or are you in?

Oh, and if you pre-order a copy of this boxed set, that would be swell, too <3 p="">

Don't forget to post a selfie and tag us with #ritetoreign when your shirt arrives. I want to see where all my witches at!


  1. I really like and appreciate your post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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  3. Thats groovy
    (having witch shirts)...
    for the earth.
    Yet, what happens when you perish
    and allah those who've been seduced
    by witchcraft face our Divine Judgement?
    Doesnt matter if you're atheist, dear.
    Think. Know. Grow-up.
    No, this aint a put-down.
    Im truly wanting you to
    RITE with me Upstairs.
    God bless you.

  4. I will definitely use the above idea for my next screen printed polo shirts.

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