Thursday, October 30, 2014

How Long Will Burns Chase His Talisman? #djinn #pararom

For a month, at least...

Join me for a month of interviews, guest posts, and giveaways! You'll want to stop at each blog to leave a comment because we'll be awarding a $25 gift card and handmade book bauble to a randomly drawn commenter...

11/3/2014 The Buttontapper
11/4/2014 Susana's Morning Room
11/5/2014 Room With Books
11/6/2014 Books and Other Spells
11/7/2014 House Millar
11/10/2014 Dena Garson - Real... Hot... Romance
11/11/2014 Unabridged Andra's
11/12/2014 Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews
11/13/2014 Kinky Vanilla Romance
11/14/2014 Deal Sharing Aunt
11/17/2014 All I Want and More
11/18/2014 Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews
11/19/2014 Long and Short Reviews
11/20/2014 Straight from the Library
11/21/2014 Danita Minnis
11/24/2014 Booklover Sue
11/25/2014 Books N Pearls
11/26/2014 Bunny's Review
11/27/2014 MAD Hoydenish
11/28/2014 Romance Novel Giveaways

See you all Monday... let's talk books all month long!


  1. Congrats on "Words that Bind!" I hope your tour brings you lots of sales. ;)

  2. Thank, Chris! Fingers crossed for lots of happy readers!

  3. Congrats for this new blog tour!! somehow i did not receive notice on bloglovin about this post though ( grr i'm late in particiapting) it will be a pleasure to join you and learn a bit more about your fascinating life^^


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