Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Terri Rochenski Talks Fantasy, Sequels, and Fun With Toothpicks

Longtime friend of the show author Terri Rochenski is celebrating the second book in her Pool of Soul series...SECRET OF THE SOULS! She's stopping by to say hi, share her new book, and talk about writing sequels. (The toothpick part comes further down.)

First, the shiny new book!


Thrust out of their homes by a human High Priest on a vengeful mission, the Natives of Derlund no longer have a place to call their own. One escaped capture, however, and now she, Hyla, is the only one who can save her people. 

For, Hyla, though, saving her nation isn’t her ultimate goal—returning to the Pool of Souls is. Becoming its Guardian and preserving their faith is her heart’s desire. The perils of her current journey, though, could leave her unable to fulfill that dream. 

To find her way back to the Pool, Hyla must live among dangerous, powerful humans willing to defend the Natives, and must submit herself—her Talents—to them. While her protection is paramount, plots to end Hyla’s life will push her to her physical and emotional limits. 

On the edge of sanity, her courage tested, and convictions nearly broken, Hyla’s final test of loyalty to her faith comes with the death of one she could have loved.

New to the series?
Pick up Book One: Eye of the Soul at a fabulous price!

My thoughts on writing a sequel... by Terri Rochenski 

My initial thought? UGH.
I mean, really. How the heck am I supposed to remember ALL the loose ends that need tied up in my fantasy series? How the heck am I supposed to keep track of what’s already been said, who’s met who, and what foreshadowing I did or didn’t use?
Stress much?
Yeah. And, I’m a planner with a capital P. It’s hard enough for me to keep track…how do pantsters pull it off???
Can you imagine George R.R. Martin’s writing space? I’ve never seen it – or pictures of it – but I can only imagine the pin boards, sticky notes, and notecard boxes. File folders. 3-ring binders. And the list goes on…
At least, that’s what I would need if I was him.
Thinking on my other genre-love, historical romance, the thought of sequel writing isn’t as scary. A love story doesn’t have various PoV’s, a half-dozen plot lines, and character arcs to complete. A sequel to a romance is either a continuation of that first book’s couple OR the story of a secondary character.
Easy peasy, IMO.
Well, perhaps not EASY, but a smidge easy-ER than attempting a fantasy sequel.
How ‘bout you? Think sequel writing is easy? What do you do to keep it easy-ER?

Terri Rochenski, Author:
Terri started writing stories in the 8th grade, when a little gnome whispered in her brain. Gundi’s Great Adventure never hit the best seller list, but it started a long love affair with storytelling.
Today she enjoys an escape to Middle Earth during the rare ‘me’ moments her three young children allow. When not playing toys, picking them back up, or kissing boo-boos, she can be found sprawled on the couch with a book or pencil in hand, and toothpicks propping her eyelids open.

Toothpicks? *shudder* :)


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