Friday, February 20, 2015

The Scent of his Feathers ... Release Day! #Dark #Fantasy #Poetry

I first introduced my latest book during the Bloody Valentine Horror Hop... and it's finally here.

Happy Release Day!

A collection of dark verses
"My crow leaps in a sudden sweep of wing and sails past, the scent of his feathers a balm to a soon-broken soul..."

Pushcart Prize nominee Ash Krafton opens this volume with a piece that leaves the reader wondering: Is the speaker victim or victor? Shadows can obscure the details that would cement our perceptions of individuals or events. Sometimes, shadows tell us more than we want to know.

Shadows prevail in each of the poems in The Scent of his Feathers, but Krafton is not afraid of the dark. In this poetry collection, she explores the darkness that surrounds us, dimming the edges of our well-lit worlds. Themes of death, devotion, despair, and desperation are expressed in subtle shades, allowing the reader to determine their own definitions.

How a person interprets these pieces--a collection of tiny everyday deaths--will depend on the reader and the flavor of the shadows within that person’s heart.

Join Krafton as she explores the inherent beauty of twilight. Sympathize with the shadows of a soul. Understand what drives a spirit to desperation.

And remember: without darkness, there can be no light.

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  1. That's a creepy and beautiful cover. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I wish you all the best with your collection. :)

  2. Thanks, Chris...I really like the feeling the cover gives, too. Thanks for visiting!


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