Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour Host Katheryn Lane

Today's blog tour stop is at romance author Katheryn Lane's blog for a proper writer's interview.We'll talk about the inspiration for writing Bleeding Hearts and discuss the lore behind my demivampires. Join us!

About Katheryn Lane's new book The Royal Sheikh:

The Royal SheikhClare McKay is a dedicated architect with no time for womanising men. That is, until she accidentally meets Sheikh Rafiq Al Kahil, an Arabian prince, known in the international press as the Playboy Prince. Clare is intent on not falling for his seductive charm, but when he asks her to design a mansion, he presents her with an offer that she can’t refuse. Once she finds herself alone with him in the Arabian desert, how long will she be able to hold out against his advances? And will he be able to cast aside his womanising past for her, as well as a secret engagement to an Arabian Princess?

What reviewers are saying

"This was a great read. I have read it four times since I have downloaded it." ~ Jessica Follis on Smashwords

"I think this is an incredible read" ~ Michelle Hughes, author of A Night at Tears of Crimson

"I could not stop reading this book . . . a great romantic story" ~ Lisa M. on Readers Favorite

"Romance at its best . . . If you believe in romance then you will want to read this book. " ~ Regina Pukett, author of Waiting for Mary Elizabeth

"The characters and setting of this fast-paced novel make it a romantic treasure.' ~ Alle Wells, author of Lame Excuses

"This story is sweet, heartwarming, yet sexy. You're in for a treat!" ~ Jan Romes, author of One Small Fib and Lucky Ducks
You can find Katheryn Lane's debut romance novel, The Royal Sheikh 

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