Friday, March 30, 2012

Bleeding Hearts Blog Tour: Host Lyndi Alexander

TGIF...because today I get to visit one of my favorite Pennwriters!

Lyndi Alexander is my host...we'll be sharing an excerpt from Bleeding Hearts. Read how I met my hero...and my main character, Sophie's. <3

I also wanted to thank everyone for their support in my first ever Reader's Choice nomination...I'm neck and neck for first, just a few votes away from the lead (when I last looked. And I really need to stop looking!)

If you haven't voted yet, I hope you will. I'd love to snag that shiny blog badge.

The voting link is at Thanks for all your support, guys!
Be sure to check out the fantastic writers and bloggers who are so generous in their support of my first novel launch. Don't forget to enter the mini-contests on each day's blog stop and, of course, THE END-OF-TOUR GIVEAWAY!


  1. I'm so glad to have you, Ash! Best wishes with your tour. :)

  2. But.. but... Ash! I thought *I* was your favorite Pennwriter! This is because I can't be at the conference, isn't it? You hate me now...


  3. *one of* You gals are part of my inner sanctum. And you know I lurves, you, Sooz. FIST BUMPS <3


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