Monday, March 26, 2012

M is for Monday and Music and Muse


I just love it. Love the word, love the meaning...heck. Love the movie!

Today is a day of happy coincidence because today's blog tour stop feautures not one but two posts about my writing buddy: Music, my Muse.

I always have music playing in my head. In fact, I can dial between stations as I move from one thought to the next so there's always something good playing. (And yes, it's all rock with no talk, commercial-free programming. *grin*)

My Muse and I worked hand-in-hand to write Bleeding Hearts. Today on Alexx's blog, I describe my Muse and introduce you to her, complete with YouTube links. (I never said my Muse is an imaginary friend!)

Then, by a shining act of serendipity, Susan Helene Gottfried--also a rocker chick and quite possibly the kewlest Pennwriter evah--invited me to play on her page because she wants to know just one thing--What song makes me think of my book?

You'd think that a one-question interview would be easy, right? Um, NO. She didn't realize I had an entire playlist for this book. I can only name one song? A little more pressure, please. It's like trying to choose my favorite child (although my kids have discovered I'm easily bribed.)

So, enjoy the feater-touch of a bit of serendipity today. Stop by to visit my Muse and enjoy the symphony.


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  1. Limiting it to one song is what makes it fun, Ash! Thanks for the kind words. Kewlest evah? Now THAT is the highest praise out there.


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