Friday, October 9, 2015

October Frights Blog Hop (IX): Welcome to my World


Bleeding Hearts, Blood Rush, & Wolf's Bane
Enter the world of the Demimonde.
Look outside your window. Same old town, same streets, same people, same stories you've lived all your life. Or... are they?
Sophie Galen is an advice columnist from the suburbs of Philly. Like many sensitive women, she's done her best to create a shelter for herself in order to live in a safe, predictable world, protecting her vulnerable self: her mind, her heart, her soul.
Then he came into her life and blew the walls in.
When Marek Thurzo arrived, he brought with him all the secrets she never wanted to know: the world outside was not what she thought. There were people and creatures and powers she'd never dared to believe exist and at the very center of this humongous supernatural web was one single person.
Her. The Sophia. The one hope for redemption for the Demivampire race.
Some days, she still can't wrap her head around the whole thing. Other days...
...she's ready to do whatever it takes to protect her demivamps, no matter the obstacle, no matter the enemy, no matter the personal cost.
While meeting her deadlines, natch. Who says a girl can't multitask while saving the world?

BLEEDING HEARTS: Book One of the Demimonde was my first novel. It's also the first book in the Demimonde trilogy. I suppose once the story pulled me into its world, it wouldn't let me I kept writing.

I love to read fantasy stories, especially the ones that create such realistic and creative worlds that I'd happy move into the book if I could. (Some I'd be a little terrified to move in, but I'm pretty reckless. I'd do it anyway.)

When writing the Demimonde series, I got to play god and re-imagine Philly the way I wish it could be: full of demivamps, witches, and werewolves. I wouldn't even care if it meant avoiding my favorite cheesesteak joint on full moon nights.

In my world, advice columnists may actually be oracles waiting to manifest and German metal bands like Turn of the Wheel *just happen* to be touring. I mean, check out the tour shirts:

That's right. I'm so submerged in the world of the Demimonde that I had tour shirts made. That's dedication. :)

Ready for a chance to enter the October Frights Blog Hop giveaway? All it takes is a comment on this post.

Think about a book you love in part for the lush world-building. If you could introduce one element from that world into our own, what would it be? A creature? An ability? An aspect of human kind as yet undiscovered? Share your fantasy so we can all wish it comes true...

(And those t-shirts are seriously real. If you want one, I can tell you how to order one from Custom Ink. You didn't think I ironed them, did you? I don't even think I own an iron. Ask my husband. He'll vouch.)

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  1. Any book world where characters have wings is intriguing (if it's done well). I've always wanted wings. :)

  2. If we're talking books, I'd take Harry Dresden's world and magic. But what I'd really want is Dean Winchester (and the car) from Supernatural.

  3. I have always wanted to have magic in this world. Trees with spirits would be cool, too.


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