Saturday, October 10, 2015

One of the great horrors of my life:

Children's birthday parties.

I know, it sounds mean, but I'm a veteran mom. I've survived a fair share of kids parties. At-home parties with a billion tiny humans running around chasing the terrified dog. The dreaded McDonald's Playland party with the questionable ball pit. The indoor jungle gym thingie. We even rented a blow-up bounce house one year (and the moms hung out at the cotton candy machine and got blasted on sugar floss. Good times.)

And I survived them all.

But my kids are in high school now. I shouldn't have to live in fear of these things--I'm dealing with drivers permits and impending Social Security insurance options. I should be free and clear. I should be safely in the realm of The End Of The Horror Movie where all the living heave a sigh of relief and run free in the sunlight.

But nah.

My nephews are having a roller skating party. And I am a good aunt. Even though I'm definitely going to end up with a case of PTSD because this place is going to trigger memories of my own 11th birthday party when I thought terry cloth outfits and bandanas were cool and they played J Geils Band and Journey and oh my god makeitstop--

Thank heavens I brought my computer.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated in the #October Frights blog hop. In case you missed a post, you can go back and still enter:

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Oh, yeah. Blind Alleys is still free today so if speculative fiction is your thing, help yourself. :) I've got to go scrape my husband off the carpet-covered wall on the skate floor. He's too old for this nonsense and when he can't get out of bed tomorrow there will be NO SYMPATHY.

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